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Recommendations on taking Madrasa schools under the purview of the ministry of education

20-02-2020 13:29

National Security Division Supervisory Committee says that within three years all students studying at Madraasaa institutions should be incorporated into an education system under the education ministry.

Parliament Communication Department said that this has been stated in the special report the committee submitted to parliament yesterday.

Setting up a special committee for monitoring Madraasaa institutions under the Muslim and Cultural Affairs Department as well as requiring the curriculums taught at all educational institutions to have the National Education Institute’s approval were among the recommendations of the National Security Division Supervisory Committee.

Similarly a number of education sector recommendations including the appointment of a recognized expert committee for the compilation of Islam text books printed in the future, are stated in the report.

National Security Division Supervisory Committee has prepared this report after the Easter Sunday attack for preventing a repetition of a similar incident.


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